Exploring Philadelphia's backyard at Glen Onoko Falls

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"Glen Onoko Falls is the perfect spot for a day trip, and the fact that it is just a short drive away from Philadelphia makes it that much better.

Being one of the most premier spots to hike closely outside of the Philadelphia area, Glen Onoko Falls has everything someone could ask for.

The hiking trails offer very impressive views including waterfalls and an amazing lookout at the top.

For people that are new to hiking or don’t enjoy it, there are also many pathways through the trees that can be explored.

Some of the paths follow the river that flows through the area allowing for a nice view while going for a walk. There is even a cave in the side of one of the mountains that anyone can wander into and see.

 Overall, Glen Onoko Falls is an amazing place to visit for anyone looking for something to do on the weekend or on their day off.

Visting Onoko Falls is a great way to be active while being outside enjoying all nature has to offer." -Nick Guglietti

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