Bringing nature indoors

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Pottery and Driftwood Spoons - $11

These handmade spoons are made to order using driftwood from the beaches of Canada. They suit perfectly as a salt or sugar spoon and are a great addition to any kitchen. Each piece is approximately 8" long and completely unique, some a little more funky than the next.

The Night Sky - $60

We have all had powerful, joyful moments in our lives when the stars are aligned and everything seems to work out. The Night Sky aims to map out and capture the magic of the cosmos we may have missed here on earth. Within just a few minutes and some basic information, you can have an image of what the night sky looked like during that important moment in your life. 


Citronella Flyaway Sticks - $38

It's that time of year again where bugs can put a real damper on Sunday Funday's backyard BBQ. These incense burning flyaway sticks are a hit at any outdoor gathering and bring a delightful charm. Not to mention they really do the trick to keep insects and bugs at bay while causing no harm. Just light one or more up, depending on the size of your space, and let the cent of citronella take you away. The eco-friendly packaging makes them perfect as a gift as well. 


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