Architectural luxury in Thailand at the Keemala Resort

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Ever thought about visiting Thailand? Well after seeing these brilliant villas at the Keemala Resort, you will want to go there even more. Yes, traveling is wonderful, but we are here to rave about the architecture. 

There are four different types of villas located on the mountainous island of Phuket. Designer Pisit Aongskultong and Architect Space, an architecture firm based out of Bangkok, collaborated on what we now know as Keemala Resort. The designers chose to incorporate a tale of four different fictional indigenous clans that would inspire each style. The villa's architecture reflects each of the clans different skill sets.  

The beautiful mountains that the resort occupies also influenced its outcome, with preservation kept in mind. Eco friendly, synthetic materials were used during construction to minimize deforestation and maintenance. 

Airflow, heat and sunlight were considered to reduce the need for energy exhausting cooling systems. 

The Clay Pool Cottages were inspired by the Pa-Ta-Pea (earth) Clan. Their belief was that being close to the earth would bring them health benefits.

Locally sourced green stone was used when making the private pools.

The Bird Nest Villas were inspired by the Rung-Nok Clan (Nest Clan) who enjoyed a rich and lavish life. This clan was comprised of artists, musicians, astrologers, philosophers and poets and was thought to be intellectually and creatively superior. 

"The We-ha (Sky) Clan are a group who are believed to have had advanced understanding of the universe. They built their homes elevated from the ground in order to obtain better creativity and liberty."

The Tent Pool Villas were inspired by the Khon-Jorn (Wanderer) Clan. The adventurous group made up of herders, performers, foragers, traders and explorers. 


Future concept for meditation bridge. 


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