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The summer heat is nearly upon us - it's time to show a little appreciate for the structures that keep us shaded and cool when we need it most, like in the desert perhaps?

The Nomad Pavilion is a collaboration between two architects Dina Haddadin and Rasem Kamal. A structure considered the new rendition of an authentic shelter, the local Bedouin Tent. Its purpose is to create refuge from the sometimes unforgiving Jordanian desert conditions. This design functions as a sanctuary from sun and heat, a spot to rest or gather with others, and a provider of fresh drinking water.

Nomad is a “hybrid” of the natural and man-made world, completely inspired by its surroundings.

The national flower of Jordan is the Black Irish, which heavily influenced the pavilion’s geometric shape and purpose. In addition, this flower adapts well to the dry environment of the desert. The surface, inspired by cacti, has a ribbed texture which creates shadows to shade itself.  With overlapping layers, the structure can avoid an overheated interior space.

Number and rhythm play a major roll in the structure, having the number 3 as a guideline for visual language. “The number 3 is often seen as embodying the concept of strength both in philosophical and in the physical." The universal symbol of creation or the “seed of life” pattern and geometries are embodied in its form.


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