Delicate and thoughtful gifts from ceramics

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The Lithe Clock - $156

The Lithe clock may strike your attention abruptly in any room, but it handles time in a more delicate manner. “The Lithe Clock puts a sensation on time” mimicking the elegance of a blade of grass blowing in the wind, or a ballerina stretched in the full expression of their dance. This exquisite piece was made using fine ceramics and thin rods of steel. 


The Planet - $3,350

While hard work is important, it is equally important to take proper breaks when needed. This chair gives the user both options! The planet takes a new look into productivity and relaxation. This chair gives you personal space, while also supplying the tools to stay focused, or not! Climb into The Planet and drown out the distractions of the world around you.

Porcelain Platters - $105

Porcelain and concrete are combined to create a series of dishes, which come in two sizes and three colors. These simple dishes can be used for eats or small precious objects. They are hand-made and inspired by simple, geometric shapes. Their simplicity and delicateness is hard to grasp in such a common every day object. Beautiful is the word that comes to mind.


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