Aquatic plants as 3D printed materials

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3D printed Algae

Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros, two Dutch designers, have successfully 3D printed materials using Algae, a simple, nonflowering, aquatic plant. By cultivating, drying and processing the material, it is then suitable for 3D printing technology. This material has the potential to replace plastics made from fossil fuels and can be used for products such as, lotion bottles, packaging and waste bins. Currently, algae are being used in a variety of ways such as furniture and building facades as well. Klarenbeek and Dros are have also created and 3D printed material using mycelium, the vegetative part of fungus, potato starch and bean shells. Their vision of the future is a sustainable one with many 3D printing options on every corner!

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