Housewarming gift ideas

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Do you have your next rainy day activity in place? Try a puzzle by Areaware! There are many life lessons the can be learned in the process of completing a puzzle. The vibrant gradients are assembled with intention and patience, creating a meditative experience. You'll feel the bliss satisfaction while putting that last piece into place. Made with thick, high quality paper - this puzzle can be worked again and again. 
Do you love plants but can't seem to get on an effective watering schedule?
Or maybe you just travel a lot and don't want to miss out on the fresh herbs and air purifying benefits. Whatever the reason, having a self watering planter can help assure your plants needs are fulfilled. The sleek, clear structure allows you to monitor what most plant mommies and daddies can't see down below. 
If you make a point to turn around, go back home or to your car, and get that bundle of reusable bags - I promise you'll never forget them again! Check out these organic cotton and canvas reusable bags that transport a variety of food items effectively while being incredibly sustainable. If you've noticed, keeping reusable bags on hand has become quite popular. The Plat Culinary Tote is perfect for going to the grocery store, or courting that vegan-blackbean-quinoa-avacado casserole you found on Pinterest to your best friends housewarming party. 
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