The beauty in corrosion: reimagining rust as a design element

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Rust Harvesting with Japanese designer Yuma Kano

Yes, that's correct, rust harvesting is a thing! Not to mention a zen process with abstract and interesting results. The pieces can then be made into boxes, furniture and wall panels. 

Each pattern can not be replicated and the collection potential is limitless. 

Each piece of metal starts clean and crisp. Yuma Kano intentionally exposes it to natural elements and resources, such as the sun, earth, rain and seawater, as apposed to using chemicals. He aims to transform our experience with rust into something positive and functional.

After experimentation, he was able to create different outcomes, such as orange and green colored rust. 

To transfer the rust onto acrylic slabs, Yuma Kano uses a resin adhesive which allows the metal to be removed while leaving rust behind. 

The rust harvested boxes are translucent bringing a curiosity for whats kept inside. 

Material Monthly Series

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