Bring natural elements to your kitchen with these gift ideas

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Stand-up Herb Flasks - $46.60

Made in Germany, these Herb Flasks are great for holding your teas and spices to display in your kitchen. These containers are sure to stand to your attention whenever you need them and sway gently once you're done. They're guaranteed to keep your herbs fresh.


CC-Tapis Visioni A Rug - $8,117

Designer, Patricia Urqiola uses ancient production techniques with contemporary aesthetic to design this rug. This unique piece fuses tradition with modern quirks for it to be the talking point when guests arrive. One of our favorite products this month!


Steer Horn Drinking Cups - $19.95

Made from authentic steer horns, these drinking cups have a natural curve that will fit in your hand perfectly. These glasses will go great wit a cold spirit drink and shared among friends at your next gathering. Raise your glass and give a toast to the Vikings!


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