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Cover yourself with a pile of bricks, or at least make it appear that way. The Brick Blanket by Thing Industries features a deceptive pattern depicting rows of bricks and mortar, carefully stacked on top one another. This clever trompe l'oeil blanket is made from 100% wool with hand-stitched edging. It’s a perfect, light-weight throw blanket that only looks like it should weigh a ton. 

Most coasters always come off feeling a bit flat. However, these Topo Coasters by Tom Will Make, give a great topographic cutaway of different natural locations. Different layers of cut and etched cork are stacked up to create a relief of different geological valleys. This first series is of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, but they hope to expand the line to include more locations across the country. Buy a set to see if any of your well-traveled guests can identify the location. 

Northern White Rhino Puzzle - $30 - $100

Puzzles are great for rainy days and killing time, but they’re all pretty basic rectangles and clichéd farm scenes. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique or more modern, then check out Nervous systems jigsaw puzzle. Each puzzle is printed with a different cellular photograph (this one featuring stem cells of a White Rhino) and also features unique laser cut wooden pieces to make the assembly even more of a challenge. The cut-outs take the shapes of DNA strands, synapses, and other microscopic sights to create an eye-catching display whether fully assembled or scattered across a table. See how fast you can build one of these deceptively tricky puzzles. 
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