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While originally getting her degree in graphic design, Kristin Haskins Simms, slowly grew sick of the digital world and yearned to make something more tangible and hands-on. This led her to begin silk-screening her own graphic design T-shirts. While her shirts sold, she still had remaining inventory. Seeing an opportunity, she transformed the T’s into stylish tops and shortly after launched her first Women’s wear line in 2001.

Currently Kristin and her team, work out of the Lofts at Kendrick Mill in Germantown Philadelphia after moving spaces back in October. Much of her business is working on custom designs for clients and other designers. Not only does she work on her own fashion line Krysi, but is also a manufacturer helping rising entrepreneurs with small-batch runs and cost effective production techniques. She works directly with them to bring about their vision and give them a beautiful piece of design as an end result. 

When we went to visit, sprawled out on a table were all the pieces to a motorcycle jacket for a client. Over 52 pieces made up the design! She stressed that she has learned a lot from simply experimenting and trying her hand at things she was unfamiliar with. When she first started trying to create jackets she admits to not knowing how to set sleeves, but her persistence and belief in non-experienced experts has carried her through into making Krys Designs and Manufacturing an official business with a dedicated team of sewers and pattern makers in 2011. Her journey has even taken her onto season 8 of Project Runway! 

If you want to learn more about Krys Design and Manufacturing visit their website at http://www.krysmanufacturing.com/. Thank you again to Kristin Haskins Simms for letting us visit and the whole team at Krys Design. 

Kristin Haskins Simms

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