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While a traditional oil lamp may be a now outdated device, the soft, warm glow they emit is something that will never go out of style. Inspired by traditional ship rigging posts, the attractive form of the Bollard oil lamp features a teak wood base, ribbed glass walls, and an integrated stainless-steel handle. When lit the patterning on the glass projects a gorgeous, soft light effect in whatever environment you place it. The simple design also blends in with any environment and can be sat on a table or suspended for a unique hanging light. 

It comes as no surprise that we here at Analog love camping, but even we can start to miss the amenities of the indoors. Cooking while roughing it also poses a unique challenge. You either lug a cumbersome gas cook stove or try and create an even enough surface to cook on an open fire. However, after discovering the MITI log grill we’re sure this will be our new favorite way to cook out in nature. The grill is inspired by traditional European cooking where you split a log into four sections and light a fire in it’s center. Next you place the MITI on top of the flat wood for a perfect metal grill. It also comes with a travel bag and four posts to secure it to the log or ground. The flat object is perfect for minimal camping trips and won’t take up much space in your bag. 

Sixfold Beer Carrier - $85

 If you like building your own six-pack, but want to be more sustainably minded, or just more fashionable, then consider picking up the Sixfold Beer Carrier by Sixfold. Created using walnut slats and a uniquely cut leather swatch, the case assembles in seconds and requires no sewing or hardware. Strong and durable, the Sixfold will safely hold six of your favorite brews. The company also sells smaller cases and even wine carries using the same folded leather technique if you’d rather have a glass of wine over the local craft brews.

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