Things We Love - April 2017

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The Cube - $161

To follow up on our recent April Fool’s Day project “The Companion Collection,” we are taking a closer look at areal invention you can use with your pets, “The Cube” from Meyou Paris. More than just a bed for your cat, The Cube is coated with a handwoven cocoon that acts as a great napping pad and scratching accessory. While the cube was designed for your pet, it’s aesthetically pleasing geometric design also serves as a decoration and conversation piece for your living room.

The Hunter Wooden Hanger - $107

The Hunter Wooden Hanger, is desrcibed by creator Jay Van Erven as "a part of a new series of sculptural coat hangers, in which I have been hunting for clichés, decay, beauty and rawness between left-overs in an urban environment." While the broken down aesthetic may appear as though the sculpture is decaying, the style is extremely intentional, creating a uniquely designed product that serves as both a coat hanger and a piece of art. 

Habitat Wooden Planter Set - $70

The Habitat Wooden Planter Set, created by Maapstudio is inspired by the shape of the egg and symbolizes the beginning of life starting to grow. Hand crafted in the UK, every piece goes through an extensive process to become to minimal yet eye-grabbing planters you see above. Unique and one of a kind, these planters honor nature in their makeup, but also bring forth more nature, resulting in a product anyone can love.


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