Zooming in on graffiti at Graffiti Pier in Philadelphia, PA

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For most of my life, I've wanted to go. Spontaneity is sweet and I want to taste it in the world, with a camera in one hand and a bag over my shoulder; to pick up one day and fly to a new place. Breathe in new air.

But to be spontaneous requires freedom to jump; yet here I am with one foot firmly planted in my home soil, imagining the photographs waiting to be taken as my experiences are deferred, slowly building towards my "one day" big adventures.

But my ticket is lost under the pile of bills and paperwork as days start passing like seconds on a clock until I realize that my planted foot is stuck in the soil of mundane life with no photographs to show and my unpacked bag still sitting in the closet.

But adventure is where you choose to find it and here, in my back yard, I have found adventure that requires no ticket, no bag, no "one day."

Here, I cut the ties between expense and adventure and the dream of "one day." Here, I find a place to explore just a step off my daily beaten path. Here is where adventure begins. Here breeds passion for more. -Erica Engle

The Wanderlust Series

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