How dryer lint becomes a chair

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“Lintite,” a material created by Daniel Lev Coleman, manages to take advantage of the large amount of fabric waste in the US, utilizing useful materials while putting forth an innovative creation. Lintite is a mixture of dryer lint and concrete that was originally a part of Coleman’s senior thesis while studying at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Coleman had a desire to create a new material that cut down on waste and dryer lint was a perfect place to start. Being easily accessible and something thrown away by the bag full regularly, Coleman saw potential in what most people saw as trash. After much experimentation, Coleman discovered that when concrete was mixed with lint, it created a composite that took advantage of the “waste” and put forth a unique material that he could mold into furniture. Of course, we will support any form of cutting down on waste, but if we can get a cool and creative invention out of it, that’s just a bonus!

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