A ranch in Henryetta, Oklahoma

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"I took off this week to visit my sister and her family in Oklahoma. Every time I go I feel like I am in a completely different world. I’m used to the noisy streets of Philadelphia, the coffee shops, and the fast pace, but not in Oklahoma… at least not where I go.
My sister lives on a ranch with her husband, her three boys, her two zebras, five lemurs, a camel, two water buffalo, a watusi, llamas, tortoises, a ram, horses, a very scary “guard goose” (that dude is mean)…. And more!
Nothing is quite like slowly opening your eyes bright and early to see, through the window, a lemur peeping in on your morning. And speaking of rising early, during this trip I saw some of the most incredible sunrises and sets from the deck that wraps around their ranch house. I spent my mornings there - reflecting and loving on Jazzy and Ziggy (their zebras).
We worked around the ranch, hung out with and fed these incredible animals, played a lot of monopoly, took off to OKC for a day, and ate some amazing BBQ.
It’s a crazy world, but it’s unbelievable to see how much my family loves each one of those animals and how much they know about them.. always good to see the family!" - Brandon Study
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