Unused public spaces become dynamic, interactive environments

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Asif Khan and MINI worked together to transform unused public spaces into dynamic, interactive environments. Located Shoreditch London for London's design festival. There spaces are an exploration of a new concept of “the third place”. It’s not work or home, but a place in between to meet friends for dinner or brainstorm your next side project.

There are three different installments; all designed with Aluminum frame and polycarbonate plastic wall panels. The translucence of the polycarbonate blurs the lines between public and private. Interiors are filled with plants to give a nice home-like vibe. 

Each space is slightly different with its own literal agenda and inspiration.

Connect is an environment to connect with others in the space. It is encouraged to meet a friend here for a meal or chat with a stranger. It is all about the connections we make every day!

Relax changes your perspective, requiring you to climb up into the structure.

Create is productive environment equipped with power outlets.

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