Floral and funky sculptures for the artist in your life

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“My furniture is turning into sculpture. Since ‘coming out’ to my family last winter I have been reflecting more than ever about my childhood experiences. Each piece seems to be split down the middle with an equal focus on a love element and a utilitarian one. This body of work embraces my past as I enter into adulthood.”

Thomas Barger, 2017

Thomas Barger is an Architect turned sculptor from Illinois who now lives in Brooklyn, NY. In his latest work “Growing Up” his process is a reflection of his profound road to self-discovery.

Thomas finds unwanted material and furniture, such as a commonly thrown away IKEA chair, and covers it in various materials such as paper pulp, stucco and found objects. The results are cartoon-like structures with eye popping paint jobs.

While dog walking, Thomas found bags filled with paper documents and decided to bring them home where he would shred them to make pulp. The pulp was molded to the furniture and sealed with a resin coating, followed by a coat of colorful paint.

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