Blending old and new in this stunning bridge

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What catches the eye first is the beautiful view, but there is a great story to behind it as well! The design of this wooden foot bridge began in 2017 by DnA architect Tiantian Xu. The two villages, Shimen and Shimenyu, are divided by the Songyin River in Lishui Zhejiang, China. This river is home to the Wuyang damn, the most ancient water damn in Songyang.  This damn drew attention and became a significant area to develop.  

This bridge has been closed since 2010 when a new bridge replaced it due to surge in automobile traffic. There have been discussions of tearing the abandoned bridge down. DnA came up with the idea to give the Shimen bridge another life to connect the villages again on a cultural level and provide an excellent viewing area.

The base of the bridge has the pre-existing arches and masonry work from the former 1950s bridge. A structural wooden addition with overhead covered space created a shared communal space occupied by both villages. At the center of the bridge is a location with benches and trees to rest and enjoy the scenery.

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