Minerals and metal shavings form new materials

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An exciting designer named Samuel Amoia has collaborated with Adriana Friedman and Tony DeLorenzo to create one of a kind pieces made of a composite of numerous minerals, brass shavings, and concrete. Amoia, who aimed to use "unexpected and over-looked materials" succeeded in putting a spotlight on unique materials that not only formed beautiful pieces, but also showed an audience that certain resources can be transformed into things that you would never even think of. Amoia would start by cleaning and washing the minerals then crushing the stones by hand. Then aluminum and brass were welded and used as the underlying structure for a good portion of the objects. Then they were lightly coated with minerals and metal shavings, applying a binding epoxy, allowing them to stick. Then Amoia applies a finishing spray!  Amoia dedicated himself to this series, making it an extremely personal task for him that everyone can benefit from.
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Material Monthly Series

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