The treehouse hotel you need in Sweden

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Did you ever have a treehouse as a kid? We're imagining if you did it didn't look quite like this one. Designed by Snohetta, this treetop cabin actually serves as a hotel in Sweden. Called "The 7th Room" it's part of six cabins that make up Treehotel, a group of treehouses that host guests traveling in Sweden. Based around the trunk of a pine tree, the tree house has a bottom covered with a sheet of aluminum with black and white images of trees printed on it to help it blend in with it's surroundings. In the middle of the house is a netted terrace where guests can sleep outside and experience the nature they're staying in. The inside is equally as stunning providing a contrasting bright picture to the dark and sleek exterior. We can't remember the last time we climbed into a tree house, but we know the next time we do, we want it to be this one!
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