Inspired by trees, this house in Prague incorporates natural design elements to catch the eye

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When walking through an orchard on the outskirts of Prague, one might expect to see gorgeous trees, beautiful nature, and green all around them. However, they most likely would not expect to see this uniquely shaped house popping out of the landscape. Designed by Czech practice Šépka Architekti, this house has a timber frame, which is covered in plywood boards and sprayed with polyurethane to give it a unique texture. Inside, the wood is left exposed, giving you a raw feel of the buildings structure. All of this sits atop a concrete stem, elevating the eye catching house above its natural surroundings. The design, inspired by the trees around the house, combats their shape. As trees start skinny on the bottom and grow outwards on top, the house does the opposite, giving a unique response to nature and captivating everyone's attention.
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