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Here at Analog, we love leather. We’ve used the material to create beautiful straps that pair perfectly with our watches to make our signature Classic, Mason, and Carpenter Collections. Leather is a staple within our company and we are always looking for new and unique ways that it can be utilized. Jorge Penades, a Madrid-based designer, has been coming up with new and inventive ways to put wasted leather to use. Using the scraps from companies who are producing leather goods, Penades has managed to create furniture that strays from the norm and catches our eye right away. In the video, you can see the process in which he creates these one of a kind structures and how he utilizes leather, shredding and then shaping it into the furniture you see above. Using leather ourselves in our own creations, we’re inspired to see its versatility and ability to be a truly useful material in various ways. In fact, we wouldn’t be against getting our hands on one of these pieces of furniture ourselves.

Check out more information about Jorge Penades’ use of leather here

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