Functional art pieces for your home

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X3 Watering Can - $145.00 – Solid Copper

Designer Paul Loebach designed this watering can using only a single metal tube bent a total of three times, highlighted in the product name. After it is bent and formed, it is soldered into a metal can. The handle, designed to be utilized in the carrying position or the watering position. Since we have such a deep love for materials and finishes, we couldn’t help but to find this copper piece irresistible to our palette. The form is unique and would be a lovely addition to any modern gardeners watering kit. 

Empty Vessel - $35.00

These playful cups, designed by William Edmonds, come in many moods and styles. Personalities of the cup may vary, so you might not get the happy faces shown, which makes these cups particularly fun. We love these because they stray away from the conventionally mass-produced cup archetype and instead highlight the beauty of hand crafted drink ware. With hundreds of human emotions available for inspiration, we can see ourselves owning more than just a few! 

Form Wall Shelf - $5,600

Designer, Jon Goulder hand carved this unique wall shelf from solid walnut. Since this design is made with freeform carving, it ensures that each shelf is slightly different then the previous. The look of melting in the center of the shelf contrasts against the two straight ends on either side. We love the process behind these pieces. This is more then just a bookshelf, it’s a physical piece of hand carved art for your walls. 

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