Nautical-inspired architecture in Poole

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On the English Seaside of Poole, Mole Architects designed a home that resembles the upturned hull of a boat called, The Houseboat. This house was designed for Roger Zogolovitch, who wanted a space his family could use as a quiet retreat. This building is between tall pine trees and features two vertical volumes of slightly different heights. The two different parts of the house bow outwards to increase the internal volume and offer a counterpoint to the established street pattern of the suburban setting. This is a unique take on nautical living, it gives the feel of being on a boat, but the coziness of a house. There is porthole-like incisions in the concrete arch that give a person the feel of being on ship. With multiple floors, this home gives a cruise ship feeling while being on land. This is definitely one place we would love to retreat to after a long day of work!

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