Scarborough, Ontario a study of nature

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A humid May afternoon in Scarborough, Ontario unfolds like a letter from a long-lost love.  Sun streams dapple through dancing leaves, breezes whisper sweet-nothings, and the foliage envelopes you in its weighted and warming arms.
In nature, when you are alone, or alone together with someone special and kind, you can feel the most realized.  As you're swallowed up by the green and the lush, you might easily forget about time and its passing, until a glance in the direction of your gesturing hand towards a bobbing flower or unfurling caterpillar showcases the presence and timelessness of the timepiece adorning your wrist.
Disconnected from the concrete and the hustle of the city and all its monsters, worrying of the past or anxious of the future, surrounded by nature, our love affair with what is natural, an affair we've engaged in before we were even an idea of existence, reminds us to be present.
ln the thick of Scarborough's ravines and winding pathways, time and space falls aside, and you are left with your heart, your thoughts, and your utmost presence as the sun begins setting and an unexpected coolness begins slinking its way into your awareness.- Liam Higgins
The Wanderlust Series

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