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It’s no surprise that we at Analog love the use of wood in new and surprising ways, which is why we instantly fell in love with these beautiful wooden necklaces by women’s wear collection Supra Endura. Mixing wooden links and a colorful elastic material, each one is hand-made here in Philadelphia and can even be customized with a variety of wood stains, colors, and lengths to suit your specific tastes. For each necklace purchased $2 are donated to the non-profits Urban Tree Connection and Gowanus Canal Conservancy, so you’re not only getting a stylish, modern accessory, but also helping out some great causes. If you’re interested in these attractive and eye-catching statements, email to place your order! 

Puzzles are always a great way to pass the time or to save for a rainy day. However, they aren’t always the most attractive objects. That is untilLogifaces appeared before us. These concrete cast prisms are beautiful mini-sculptures on their own, but are part of a bigger, more complex puzzle. Inspired by ancient puzzle games, the set of 16 prisms is a logic puzzle that can prove difficult for even the cleverest gamer. The goal is to form one continuous surface and the beauty is that there is more than one solution. While that may sound simple, these unassuming blocks are trickier than you think. We especially love the game’s ability to be played solo or in a group. One set will cost you $70 on the company’s currentIndiegogo, but it’s worth it for this versatile puzzle that can switch from plaything to tabletop art in a second. 

While apartment living offers its own rewards, it does have its hindrances. One of which is the often-limited ability to garden or grow your own produce.  While some spaces offer a communal garden or have room for such things, others are not as lucky. This is where The Garden Apartment's Nomad Planter comes in handy. A simple and versatile planter, this container is made from locally sourced, scrapped boat sails straight from the Bronx. Its ability to easily go from one location to the next, or change from an elegant hanging pot, to a tabletop planter gives the Nomad its edge. Perfect for growing fresh herbs in the kitchen, this modernist space-saving planter will add a great accent to any interior. Each one is made here in the USA and can be shipped in a simple flat-pack envelope. For only $38 these will make a great addition to any urban foodie's life. 

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