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Some beautiful kitchen accessories that caught our eyes this month were these gorgeous maple set knives by Warehouse Brand. Hand-crafted from Canadian Maple and German stainless steel, these attractive blades feature a set piece of wood that highlights the precision steel behind it. By using the wood, what is usually a cold or industrial looking product suddenly becomes a warm, and inviting statement piece. They even were part of the prestigious 2013 Red Dot design awards best of the best showcase. While not commercially obtainable just yet, they are available for pre-order on their site and will set you back roughly $100.


There is something so refreshing about non-intuitive design.  That moment of surprise when you finally figure out what the purpose of this object is. At first glance, the RUBAN appears to be just a simple bent piece of steel, but it is actually a stylish, sculptural bottle opener. One side is a reflective polished metal and the other a matte surface, which creates a wonder contrast between the two. The elegant bent hook fits perfectly onto bottle caps allowing for a hassle free opening. This kitchen and bar utensil is sure to sleekly fit within any context thanks to its highly minimal and precise design. Made by CONTEXTE Design, one will cost you roughly $67, but it is well worth it for a timeless piece of art that will be sure to last a lifetime. 



While planters and pots are perfectly acceptable ways to display your plants, it is always refreshing to see them get off the ground and up onto the walls. Designed and made here in Philadelphia by Vivo Walls, the Olla sconce planters are a new way to show off your green thumb. Built from recycled glass bottles and large carved chunks of wood, these striking vessels will add a nice accent of nature to any wall in your home. Each one attaches with an included bracket that is easy to install.  They even sell multi-vessel holders that can be set up with hydroponic systems, perfect for the indoor gardener in your home. 


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