Geometric designs for the home

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Corian Incense Burner - $225

The Corian incense burner, made from a speckled Corian base and solid brass or copper cubes catches the eye of just about anyone with its unique look and sleek design. However, this is more than just a nice looking table top object to put on your coffee table. Its purpose is to burn incense creating a lovely atmosphere while also livening up your home decor.

Play Sideboard - $8,173

German designer Shigeki Yamamoto has created one of the most unique sideboards we have ever seen. Using wood to create this work of art, Yamamoto takes something normal and turns it into something no one would expect. With its extraordinary construction and one of a kind looks, this sideboard is sure to grab the attention of anyone that walks into your house while storing whatever you want inside.

Drink Rocks - $35

Who needs ice cubes anymore? Drink rocks are platonically shaped stones that are designed to be chilled in your freezer before being admired in your evening cocktail. Made using natural materials, these rocks simply act as reusable decorative accessories to your drink while simultaneously keeping them chilled. The geometric design and aesthetically pleasing minimalism of these Drink Rocks set them apart from most products, making these something we can’t wait to try out.

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