Sleek and modern gift ideas for new apartments

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Salt and pepper set, creamer, a sugar bowl, and a teaspoon. These are all things you probably have stored away somewhere in your kitchen. But a rose gold serving set featuring translucent alabaster lids? That's something you need proudly displayed on your counter. Anna New York by Rablabs has designed this stunning serving set that not only has practical every day use, but manages to pull any kitchen together serving as a lovely accent piece. Put this on display and it is bound to grasp everyone's attention with it's sleek and modern design.
Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN specializes in the use of recycled industrial corrugated cardboard to make beautiful and unique designs. The MC 205 Recycled Cardboard Armchair, being one of their creations, immediately caught our eye when we saw it. Not only is it visually captivating, but we could almost picture ourselves cozying up in it after a long day and drinking a nice hot cup of coffee. We are big fans of sustainable design here at Analog, but the fact that this chair is executed so beautifully makes us want one for the office ASAP!
This porcelain pitcher designed by Edge Wood Made stands apart from the rest with it's geometric design and aesthetically pleasing earth toned pallet. We are big fans of minimal design, so we appreciate these pitchers ability to say more with less and truly be one of a kind pieces that would look good on anyone's table.
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