How newspaper becomes furniture

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Looking at these beautiful benches and other accessories, you might think they are just conventional materials typically used for these types of products. However, their construction is actually part of an eco-friendly movement using recycled newspaper to create one of a kind furniture. Eindhoven-based designer WooJai Lee was inspired to make a change after noticing an immense amount of paper being wasted when he was taking out the trash one day. He then started experimenting with different types of paper, creating several prototypes and samples, until finally settling on newspaper as his go-to resource. Lee takes the recycled newspapers and turns them into paper pulp, then he mixes them with glue and they are pressed into molds the shape of bricks. Luckily for us, Lee created the molds with their own internal joinery system allowing them to be assembled into the furniture you see above. We are always in support of anything good for the environment. The fact that they look good is just an added bonus!
Learn more about Lee's work here.
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