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Stem Vase - $59

Designed by Lyon Beton, this Stem Vase mixes two things we love (material and nature) into one stunning wall piece for your living room. The concrete vase is made to resemble an animal while the plant it holds comes to life as the antlers. While the concept is solid, there is still leeway for creativity as the owner of this fixture can make the antlers resemble anything they would like.

Deep Sea Sand Art - $85

If your desk is feeling boring, look no further than this Deep Sea Sand Art sculpture designed by Klaus Bosch. Engineering the sand to fall into a resemblance of beautiful landscapes, the designer brings a calming and breathtaking view to your desktop. Rotating the sculpture and watching the sand as it falls will turn your workplace into your place of refuge and relaxation. 

Personalized Flex Time Clock - $70

Made from a single piece of oak wood, this flexible desk clock can bend and adjust to your most basic needs. By perforating the wood, the designer has created a versatile desktop clock that can fold back on itself and stand up as a triangle or lay flat on it's back. Allowing the customer to add a special message on the back, this Flex Time Clock sets itself apart as a one of a kind addition to your desk or counterspace at home.

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