Material scientists find amazing use for sunflower crops

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Have you every thought the byproducts of the sunflower industry would end up as insulation or a cell phone case? Chances are high that the innovative materials of our time are continuing to inspire you. 


Studio Thomas Vailly, with the aided expertise of ENSIACET laboratory, have discovered the potential of sunflower crop by-products. A new range of bio-based and biodegradable materials can be made from the unwanted material. From wall insulation to a tiny bolt and screw, this could be what you're working with next! 


Recently, sunflowers have been commonly farmed to produce seeds, oils or bio-fuel. Once the oil is pressed, most of the crop is left unused, with the exception of the presscake for animal feed. The presscake is what's left after all the oils have been squeezed out, forming into a cake-like shape. 

The parts of the sunflower that are left behind and go unused are the foamy matter in the stalk of the sunflower, the tough fibrous skin and the dark brown proteins. All of which can be utilized for building and creating! 




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