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When you think of foam, edgy, unique, and fashionable are most likely not the first descriptive words that pop into your head. We’ve seen foam used for many different things. Whether it’s for constructive purposes or used in moldings for architecture, foam tends to be more of a carpenter’s accessory rather than a material used to create innovative designs. However, foam has been used for much more than what we initially imagined. For instance, designers using a soft urethane foam can squeeze this material through a syringe creating a unique and trendy rug that can serve as a place to rest your feet or a wall piece hanging in your hallway. This urethane foam is strategically placed on a table, creating a layout of what the rug will look like. As the pieces come together and the foam expands and dries, the product comes to life and is peeled off of the table. Having a passion for taking resources around us and creating something beautiful from them, we are excited about this material and eager to see what foam will do next.

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