Luxury urban townhouses in Da Nang, Vietnam

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Concrete louver curtains provide natural, indirect sunlight for the grassy terrace. A louver is a set of slats at regular intervals that allows light or air to pass through. 

Resort In house, built in 2016 by ALPES Green Design & Build, and located in Da Nang, Vietnam.  

This luxury urban townhouse has resort like qualities, while the structure’s functionality best serves a hot and sunny climate. The structure reflects the environment and the residents desire to be considerate of energy preservation and cooling systems. Materials such as natural rock, stone and brick were chosen because they absorb less heat and provide natural tones.

Bricks are aligned in a checkerboard like fashion, creating gaps in the structure which improves the quality of air flow by allowing heat to escape. Gardens occupy the roof, providing a luxurious entertaining space and eco-friendly attributes. The designers were creative in their desire to provide natural yet indirect sunlight by incorporating concrete louver curtains with large brick garden boxes in between. This placement controls the light and temperature of Resort In House’s outdoor spaces.

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A pool on the lower level provides additional cooling, and a place to unwind with the family.

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