Exploring Red Rock Canyon

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Last spring we went to a trade show in Las Vegas. Typically, a trade show consists of standing on your feet for long hours every day and meeting new and exciting people in the industry. While time spent at a trade show is fun and productive, it often leaves us feeling completely exhausted at the end of the day.

At the end of one of the days we decided to go out and explore instead of going back to our hotel and resting. We met up with some friends, got in a car, and made our way to Red Rock Canyon.

It was here that we were completely captivated by the beautiful scenery, huge mountains, and breathe taking view. Not only did we no longer feel exhausted, but we felt rejuvenated just through experiencing such beauty.

Being based in the city, we are used to seeing tall buildings and paved streets everywhere. But standing next to these awe inspiring mountains, we felt home

Whether you’ve been to Red Rock Canyon before or not, it’s not hard to be inspired by its beauty. We highly recommend anyone that can go, take the opportunity, and experience nature at its finest. - Analog Watch Co.

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