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We at Analog are partnered with Trees for the Future, a non-profit that raises money to help plant trees and other vegetation in areas ravaged by logging or natural disasters. To this date TREES has helped to plant over 80 million trees worldwide. Our partnership with them allows us to make a donation of one tree per product sold by Analog. So far we have helped to plant thousands of trees! We want to make sure we give back to our planet since we make a wooden product and our thrilled with the work Trees for the Future is doing.

Through planting various styles of vegetation from onions, cabbage, and others, they are able to restore the lands natural balance and help not only the local community, but also bring back biodiversity to the area. Having these returned forests, students are able to gain hands on experience learning about nature and our global environment. Through your support, we are all collectively working towards making the world a greener place, one tree at a time. 

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