Spaceship cats and musical furniture: bring a little whimsy to home

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 Xia Bank Accordion Stool by Burrel

Looking for a piece of unique furniture that wont go un noticed, here it is! Portuguese designer, Soraia Gomes Teixeira, collaborated with Burel Mountain Originals and the result is the Xia Stool. You'll never sit down bored again! As you sit a musical note is played from the accordion piece made of sheep's wool. This was her way of using the magic of sound to transform an average, everyday object. It comes in 53 different colors and all you have to do is reach out to them personally to have one designed for you. Talk about a unique conversation piece for the home! 


Studio Roller by George and Willy - $180

Tired of leaving random notes everywhere? Or maybe you just don't write things down at all and you're realizing that's why "nothing is getting done around here!" Check out this innovative, super cute way to display notes, todo lists, or if you have a public space, menus and the like. It comes in black or white and four different sizes 18", 24", 36" and 48". The powder coated aluminum construction is sturdy and reliable (make sure to find the studs in the wall) it comes with screws and instructions for an easy install! 


Spaceship by Myzoo - $111

Are you tired of footing the bill for your little furry friend's toys and housing just for them to hide in the box it came in? Well, this "Spaceship" might be the one thing your cat actually wants to lounge in. There are three different models to suit your space. 1. Alpha - which is shaped like a capsule and provides the most space for your kitty. 2. Beta - Which is shaped like a rocket and 3. Gamma - which you see photographed here for a nice wall perch. This would pair nicely with our companion collection! ((insert wink face here))

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