Bringing the outdoors inside with these planters and terrariums

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Molten Sculptural Bowl - $135

At first glance, a person might be confused of what is going on with this uniquely structured bowl. Combining some of our favorite materials (wood and glass), this table top piece has just as much function as it does beauty. The base of the eye catching structure is made of the gnarled root of a gamal tree while the upper portion is a hand blown glass vessel draped over the wood. Bringing together the worlds of natural and man-made, this bowl has us captivated. We might have to go and buy one ourselves!

Wooden Beat Shelf - $597

Inspired by the beat of a heart, the wooden beat shelf is designed to steal the attention away from everything else in your living room. Made of solid wood, this shelf is the perfect accent piece for an unfinished living room or bedroom. With no bookmarks or supports needed, the complex design is complimented by the simple use of this extraordinary shelf, making it easy to use and even easier to look at.

The Lucky Gardener DIY Terrarium Kit - $85

Designed by terrarium artists Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow, this kit includes everything you'll need to have your own terrarium! Pulling together a love for nature and a well thought out flashy design, this terrarium is a trendy must have for all nature lovers. Coming with detailed instructions on what to do, all of the ingredients comes together to provide the everyday gardener with their own little version of earth in a glass jar!

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