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Wool Chair - $598

Inspired by the Eames Plastic Side Chair, this is made from Solidwool's proprietary composite, a unique material made from wool and bio-resin. The result is a hard shell similar to fiberglass that puts a decidedly organic touch on this classic design. Designed in manufactured in Buckfastleigh, an old wool town in southwestern England. With Ash legs and black powder-coated steel frame. See more designs and collaborations from Solidwool here.

Ripples Marble Tray - $210

Handcrafted from Carrara marble, this piece highlights the fragility of stone and celebrates the fluidity of water, while linking the two in the form of a beautiful and versatile object. Sculptor Hector Alvarado says that "freezing the moment of the ripples aims to bring the spectators to a contemplative state. It reminds the public to be aware of the present moment." Bring some of that awareness into your home with this minimal piece.

Leather Moon Coaster - $36

Each set of four leather coasters is hand painted to look like the moon's surface, in tribute to the Japanese art of ink marbling. Crafted in a range of pastel hues, each set arrives in a screen-printed muslin bag and is ready for drinkable lunar landings, or for toasting rare lunar ecliples and other nighttime festivities. Each coaster is individually painted, dyed, and sealed, and is by virtue of this fact, completely unique.

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