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Ambienta – $270.00

Daniel Pouzet envisioned this multi-functional table lamp. It does more than just give light; it gives energy to the plants. The hydroponic technology inside the lamp is clean, water efficient, and an added benefit is that the plants improve the air quality in your space. This fixture allows a person to have up to six plants growing with two different light setting. We love this concept because it is a great way to keep our indoor plants alive and keep our air fresh and clean. 

Druze Serving Platter - $261.99

Anna Rabinowicz designed this serving tray by using acacia wood with slabs of rosy agate held aloft with brass fittings. This rustic tray is great for serving your guests any kind of food while adding a minimal and clean visual appeal. If your guests don’t love the snacks you are serving, they will fall in love with this trays natural detailing. The acacia wood and rosy agate are a great combination focused on color and natural design. The rosy agate shines next to the brass fittings. 

Minus Two Chair - $710.33

This chair was inspired by the phrase, “less is more,” because it has two legs instead of four. This can lean against a wall, table, or turned backwards for better ergonomics. We admire the abled functions of this chair because it can be place against anything. Made from oak wood, this piece can add style to any office or reading room. 

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