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Chelsea Miller Knives - $200+

At first glance, these knives by Brooklyn-designer Chelsea Miller look unusual, but their unique appearance serves a purpose. Crafted from old Farrier rasps, Miller grinds and sharpens the metal to make functional knives with built-in grating, perfect for shredding garlic or cheese. Miller picked up the craft from her father after he fell ill and she wished to continue on his blacksmithing art. The tools have grabbed more than just our attention and her knives are back-ordered for up to six to eight weeks. If you want to own one of these distinctive rustic knives you can place an order for one on her site, but be prepared to wait up to twelve weeks.

Campfire Candle by Revolution Design House - $18

Candles are a great way to bring a nice aesthetic touch into your house and freshen up your space with your favorite scents. But most candles leave a lot to be desired as actual statement pieces in a room. These Campfire Candles by Joe Gibson of Revolution Design House add a nice designed detail wherever you place them. As it burns down, the wax slowly begins to take on the look of a campfire which is heightened by the walnut ‘X’ base. You can order one or three of them to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

New York City Water Tower Planter by TO+WN Design - $39+

You don’t need to live in a big city to get a great view of a water tower at your desk. Created by TO+WN design, the Water Tower Planter was inspired by the iconic towers speckled throughout New York’s’ rooftops. The pieces are made possible by 3D-printing each one from eco-sustainable bio-plastic derived from corn. As your plant grows, it bursts from the roof and up towards the sun. There are three sizes to choose from each with its own unique design or you can buy an entire set to display your own personal cityscape right in your home.

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