The beauty in concrete becomes apparent in these art pieces

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Concrete Fractured Wall Clock – Copper, Gold or Silver - $160.00

Inspired by nature and minimalism, Dconstruct designed these wall clocks to showcase the beauty in simple materials. The metal leaf casted into the concrete highlights a natural way of showing two different materials combining. We love this product because it uses not everyday materials to make a very common household product. We love how this hand crafted wall clock blends the two materials in a way that gives it a rustic yet minimalist look.

Escalate Ring - $145.00

This gender-neutral ring ties in unisex design with a minimal and linear look. Fineblue Studios designed this piece to featuring different levels, making this sterling silver artwork simple yet dynamic. We love this accessory because of how sleek, smooth, and modest it is. 

Atlas – Concrete Block Book Ends - $350.00

Concrete Cat is known for their pieces made from concrete with beautiful colors and dyes added during the casting process. The above photo showcases the current design and mixed colors. The dyes are blended throughout these concrete bookends, but not all turn out the same way, which makes this product uniquely one of a kind. We love this because it’s a simple, yet monumental, design for bookends tastefully colored with a focus on natural patterning and veining. A bookend should do more then just function; it’s an opportunity to add a piece of art to your shelf.

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