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Stone may not seem like the ideal material to use when designing plates, but these attractive trays by Peca design are making me think twice. Carved from volcanic stone, each one features a rough textured side and a smoothed polished half to allow for a contrast within the same material. They are meant to evoke traditional roots while still remaining contemporary. A set of three will set you back $193 but is well worth it for this beautiful design that is sure to be a centerpiece at any table.

We thought we’ve seen every possible Iphone case and cover imaginable, but this is the first time we’ve encountered one made from concrete. Developed by Posh Projects, the Luna iphone skin is a semi-flexible concrete covering that will add an industrial look to your phone. You can choose between a smooth finish or opt for a unique crater pattern cover that’ll make it look as if you plucked your phone off the face of the moon. For only $30 these cases will be quite the durable and eye-catching accessory.

Felt Storage Bins by Loop Design Studio - $26

Most storage bins feel a little sterile. Often made from clear or brightly colored plastics, these containers don’t always make for a great display pieces, and are then relegated to the back of a closet, basement, or under the bed. How about getting a bin you’d actually want to have lying out? These attractive felt bins by Loop Design Studio give a great aesthetic upgrade to an often-boring piece of storage. Made from soft industrial synthetic felt, each one is a flat-packed style design that simply needs folded up to be used. There are also a number of brightly colored wooden handles to choose from making for perfect accent colors to match whatever room you put these in. Then when you’re finished using them, they can be unfolded and tucked away, taking up less space than their plastic counterparts.

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