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Being able to mix and match accessories is always a plus in the fashion world. Versatile items allow you to easily style whatever outfit you have, for whatever occasion you need. These bracelets by studio LUUR may be the most customizable piece of jewelry we’ve seen in a while. Made up of two halves of cut Corian, the North/South bracelet is meant to act as a modern friendship bracelet. There are 5 different shapes, and 12 different colors allowing for hundreds of possible combinations. Each half is held together with two strong magnets for easy switching out. Build your own collection or give some to a friend to swap with. 

By now we've all seen the latest trend of using small gray soapstones to keep our favorite drinks cool. But those blocks leave a lot to be desired visually. If you're looking to keep your prefered drink chilled this Summer with a unique and striking design, then get these Drink Rocks by Runa Klock. Made from soapstone and marble, these geometric stones are stored in the freezer and when needed dropped into your glass. Perfect for adding a sculptural detail to your glass while chilling your drink without diluting the flavor. 

Coasters aren't often thought about until they are needed. Half the time they are made from cheap paper stock that peels when water gets on them, or are permanently sitting out on the table without any type of storage. However, the Sheepad Coaster set gives you both high quality felt coasters and a cute wooden sheep to store them on when not in use. Designed by Aleksandra Michalowska, this whimsical design has already won awards for its playful and functional appearance. It will be sure to bring a smile to your face and be an instant conversation piece at your next get together.  

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