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Shoe Pot Medium Size - $50.00

Inspired by an urban totem, typically seen from hanging over power lines, Designer Wyatt Little created these ceramic planters to add a quirky touch to your small to medium size succulent collection. We love these potters because it brings the urban life of Philadelphia streets to our indoor urban garden. It reminds us of our childhood when we would ride our bikes down the street and we would see kids throwing their old shoes on the power lines.

ELA – Reversible Candle Holders - $49.00-$54.00

These candleholders, designed by The Bronsen Company, are reversible holders for tea light candles and when flipped, they are able to hold your taper candles as well. Made from concrete and gypsum, these holders are be elegant enough to stand without candles, as they are something that you will be proud to have decorating your home. We love these because of the materials that are used to make them. The concrete body gives this artwork an industrial and urban look, while the colored top gives it a radiant touch. This is an effective design to fit all your tea light and taper candleholder needs and a simple piece to spruce up your décor in your home. 

Small – Large Slab Wedge Cutting Boards - $60.00-$225.00

A unique way of mimicking nature, designer Noah Spencer turned a typically dull kitchen surface into something beautiful. Pebbles inspire one of the boards and this shape is available in five different forms. The other is a slate slab coming in nine different forms, which make each of these unique. We love these because it brings nature into our home and kitchen. When hung on the wall, it creates a wooden mosaic design, which adds a minimal element of decor to your kitchen while they are not in use.

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