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Nothing makes a product one of a kind quite like natural materials. This platter, made of rose quartz, stands out from the crowd as the organic beauty of the stone is pulled into the spotlight and accented expertly by an edge of glittering sterling silver. Mesmerized by this piece of art, we don't even need to eat off of it, just looking at it's beauty will do!

LEAFLING Plant Growing Paper - $14

LEAFLING has designed a new paper material with plant seeds in the shape of letters and symbols incorporated into its design. As soon as the paper is moistened the seeds begin to germinate and start the process of turning into beautiful greenery. It's not just a unique concept, it's a revolutionary design that changes the way we look at a conventional material such as paper.

Spot-nik Laser Cut Floor Lamp - $80

 If you know Analog, you know we love wood. Any time we see this material used in any way, we are automatically intrigued. However, this floor lamp has caught our eye for more than just it's wooden frame. The unique design of circular patterns allows light to shine through in all the right places. Whether it's on our floor or hanging from our ceiling, we want this lamp ASAP!

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