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There are only a few things in life that can help reset my internal clock. Camping and adventure are the main ones. Being out in nature allows me to recenter and learn more about myself. After a long mild winter, it was time to get back outside. So a few of us got together and headed south.  
Driving into the night, we reached our destination, Goblin Valley State Park. While we searched for a primitive campsite, the moon started to rise high above the horizon illuminating the landscape. We lit a fire, pitched our tents, and closed our eyes
The milky way stretched itself across the sky when the moon dipped below the horizon. With cold hands and tired eyes, we watched in awe while we stoked the fire. Soon the sun rose, warmed our bodies and it was time to go explore.  
Goblin Valley is a unique place. With thousands of hoodoos, you feel far away from home. As if Mark Watney were going to come around the corner, you felt like you were on mars. -Greg Rakozy
The Wanderlust Series

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