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My mind is always searching for new adventures and experiences. My most recent adventure was a trip to Charleston, one of the largest and most historic cities in South Carolina. After a long 10 hour drive I arrived at the heart of the city where art and nature thrives.
The city of Charleston is known for its antique architecture and historic areas. Everywhere I walked I was met by elegant colonial houses and beautiful yard work and flowerbeds. The city brings together nature and urban living unlike any other city of its kind. Each street is lined with stores, cafes, and art galleries that are all very diverse.
As I continued to walk through the main streets of Charleston, I eventually wandered into the waterfront park. Immediately I was met by the sight of the open water. Trees enclosed the walkway hanging over my head as I continued to explore the park, taking pictures every step of the way. 
The city has so much to offer making you feel right at home no matter where you wander off to. This sense of familiarity is why Charleston is such an astonishing place to visit.  
- Nick Guglietti
The Wanderlust Series

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