Exploring Brandywine Falls in British Columbia

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An early morning drive up the coast of beautiful British Columbia, an adventure to Brandywine Falls awaits.

Spring is in full force with the vibrant trees and crisp air greeting us as we begin our hike down to the base of the falls. Excitement builds as we get closer to finding the rushing falls.

Walking through fresh foliage, tall trees and big boulders, the hike down is not something that comes easy. Watching where you place each step while next to rushing water as we track closer to falls we can hear getting louder, it brings even more anticipation for the reward at the end.

There is nothing like being at the base of a waterfall. The cool mist filling the air and touching your skin bringing a sense of refreshment and reward. It is hard to put your camera down as the forever changing rapids pass by, you want to capture every moment. The climb down was well worth it.

After a long stay, it is sad to leave the picture perfect Brandywine Falls. Well worth the drive and hike down, I would not trade this day with friends and nature for anything. -Brad Yuen

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